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Chris Baty

Chris Baty, NaNoWriMo Program Director

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A resident of Oakland, California, Chris has been heading up NaNoWriMo since founding the escapade in 1999. With his startlingly mediocre prose style and complete inability to write credible dialogue, Chris has set a reassuringly low bar for budding novelists everywhere. Chris is an anthropologist by training and a freelance writer by trade; his work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Believer, and Lonely Planet guidebooks. When not bossing strangers around, Chris spends debilitating amounts of time in coffee shops. His mercilessly pants-kicking book, “No Plot? No Problem!,” is available at your favorite bookstore.

5:00pm Wednesday, 02/11/2009
National Novel Writing Month founder Chris Baty will talk about NaNoWriMo's improbable ten-year history and share some of the event's deeply hopeful signs for the publishing industry.
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Nick Bilton

Nick Bilton, The New York Times R&D Labs Design Integration Editor/Researcher

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Nick Bilton is a Designer, User Interface Specialist, Technologist, Journalist, Hardware Hacker, Researcher, etc. etc.

Nick has worked in numerous different industries within the context of design, research & development, technology and storytelling. He is currently the Design Integration Editor for The New York Times and the User Interface Specialist & Lead Researcher for The New York Times Research & Development Lab working on a variety of research projects and exploring technologies that could become commonplace in the next 2-10 years. His work in the R&D Labs includes exploring and prototyping content and interaction on futuristic flexible digital displays, a vast array of mobile applications and devices, Times Reader, Print-to-mobile SMS, Semacode integration, content in the living room and context aware sensors. Nick is also the co-founder, with Michael Young, or, a startup within The New York Times that helps people shift content easily between multiple devices. Shifd recently won ‘Best overall Hack’ at last years Yahoo! Hack Day. Nick’s work has been profiled regularly in multiple books, magazines, newspapers and websites.

Outside of The Times, Nick helped co-found NYCResistor, a hacker space in Brooklyn which offers hardware and programming classes and allows people to collectively work on innovative open source hardware and robotics projects.

9:15am Wednesday, 02/11/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Peter Brantley

Peter Brantley, BookServer Project Director

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Peter Brantley is the Director of the BookServer Project at the Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based not for profit library. He contributes regularly to several blogs on libraries and publishing, discussing transformations in media and information access. He serves on the board of the International Digital Publishing Forum, the standards setting body for digital books. Peter has significant experience with academic research libraries and digital library development programs, and was previously the Executive Director of the Digital Library Federation, a not for profit membership organization of research and national libraries.

9:15am Tuesday, 02/10/2009
The explosion of publications on the web, in combination with increasingly ubiquitous broadband networks, accessible from ever-more mobile computing platforms, leads us to consider how literature might serve as a collection of data to enable new services on the web.
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Neelan Choksi

Neelan Choksi, Lexcycle CEO

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Neelan Choksi is the CEO of Lexcycle, the company behind Stanza. With over 2.0 million users in over 60 countries and over 12 million eBooks downloaded, Stanza is the most popular eBook reader for the iPhone and IPod Touch.

Lexcycle was acquired by Amazon in April. Prior to joining Lexcycle, Neelan was the COO at SpringSource (recently acquired by VMWare), the company behind the popular open source Spring Framework. Neelan served as the co-founder and President at SolarMetric, a leading object relational mapping provider, which was acquired by BEA Systems in 2005. Neelan also worked for TechTrader, Andersen Consulting Strategic Services and Exxon Research and Engineering. He currently serves on the board of Tasktop Technologies. Neelan is a graduate of MIT (and was part of the often-publicized MIT Blackjack team), Stevens Institute of Technology, and the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business.

8:45am Wednesday, 02/11/2009
In this keynote, Lexcycle's Chief Operating Officer Neelan Choksi will share the lessons learned from delivering the Stanza Reader iPhone Application to the market.
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow, Science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger

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Cory Doctorow is a science fiction novelist, blogger
and technology activist. He is the co-editor of the popular weblog
Boing Boing, and a contributor to The Guardian, the
New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wired, and many other newspapers,
magazines and websites. He was formerly Director of European Affairs
for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, a non-profit civil
liberties group that defends freedom in technology law, policy,
standards and treaties. He holds an honorary doctorate in computer
science from the Open University (UK), where he is a Visiting Senior
Lecturer; in 2007, he served as the Fulbright Chair at the Annenberg
Center for Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California.

His novels have been translated into dozens of languages and are
published by Tor Books and simultaneously released on the Internet
under Creative Commons licenses that encourage their re-use and
sharing, a move that increases his sales by enlisting his readers to
help promote his work. He has won the Locus and Sunburst Awards, and
been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula and British Science Fiction
Awards. His latest young adult novel is PIRATE CINEMA, a story of
mashup guerillas who declare war on the entertainment industry. His
latest novel for adults is RAPTURE OF THE NERDS, written with Charles
Stross and published in 2012. His New York Times Bestseller LITTLE
BROTHER was published in 2008. A sequel, HOMELAND, will be published
in 2013. His latest short story collection is WITH A LITTLE HELP,
available in paperback, ebook, audiobook and limited edition
hardcover. In 2011, Tachyon Books published a collection of his
introduction by Tim O’Reilly) and IDW published a collection of comic
books inspired by his short fiction called CORY DOCTOROW’S FUTURISTIC
Press Outspoken Authors chapbook, was also published in 2011.

LITTLE BROTHER was nominated for the 2008 Hugo, Nebula, Sunburst and
Locus Awards. It won the Ontario Library White Pine Award, the
Prometheus Award as well as the Indienet Award for bestselling young
adult novel in America’s top 1000 independent bookstores in 2008.

He co-founded the open source peer-to-peer software company OpenCola,
sold to OpenText, Inc in 2003, and presently serves on the boards and
advisory boards of the Participatory Culture Foundation, the Clarion
Foundation, The Glenn Gould Foundation, and the Chabot Space & Science
Center’s SpaceTime project.

In 2007, Entertainment Weekly called him, “The William Gibson of his
generation.” He was also named one of Forbes Magazine’s 2007/8/9/10
Web Celebrities, and one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global
Leaders for 2007.

His forthcoming books include ANDA’S GAME (a graphic novel from

On February 3, 2008, he became a father. The little girl is called
Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow, and is a marvel
that puts all the works of technology and artifice to shame.

9:45am Tuesday, 02/10/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Jason Epstein

Jason Epstein, On Demand Books Chairman

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Mr. Epstein’s 50 year distinguished career in publishing, which includes
among other accomplishments, serving as Editorial Director of Random
House, co-founder of the New York Review of Books, creator of Anchor
Books, which launched the paperback revolution, founder of the Library
of America and of the Readers Catalog, the precursor to online
bookselling. Mr. Epstein has received many honors. He was the first
recipient of the National Book Award for distinguished contribution to
American Letters, and also received the Curtis Benjamin Award of the
American Association of Publishers for inventing new kinds of
publishing. In 2001, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of
the National Books Critics Circle for creative publishing.

5:30pm Tuesday, 02/10/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)

Jason Fried, 37signals President

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Jason Fried is the co-founder and President of 37signals, a privately-held Chicago-based company committed to building the best web-based tools possible with the least number of features necessary. 37signals’ products do less than the competition – intentionally. Jason believes there’s real value and beauty in the basics. Elegance, respect for people’s desire to simply get stuff done, and honest ease of use are the hallmarks of 37signals products. 37signals products, used by over 2,000,000 world wide, include Basecamp, Backpack, Highrise, Campfire, Ta-da List, and Writeboard. Their latest book, Getting Real, has been called the Bible of Web 2.0. Ruby on Rails, another 37signals creation, is the underlying technology driving thousands web apps.

5:00pm Tuesday, 02/10/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis, Blogger

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JEFF JARVIS is the author of What Would Google Do? (Collins, January). He blogs about media and news at and as a columnist for the Guardian. He is associate professor and director of the interactive journalism program at the City University of New York’s new Graduate School of Journalism. He is consulting editor of Daylife, a news startup. Jarvis was creator and founding editor of Entertainment Weekly; Sunday editor and associate publisher of the New York Daily News; TV critic for TV Guide and People; a columnist on the San Francisco Examiner; assistant city editor and reporter for the Chicago Tribune; reporter for Chicago Today.

4:00pm Tuesday, 02/10/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Sara Lloyd

Sara Lloyd, Pan Macmillan Digital Director

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Sara Lloyd is Digital Director for the UK trade publishing house,
Pan Macmillan. She is responsible for developing the company’s digital
strategy and publishing programme, management of Pan’s Web platform,
applications and tools and leading the organisational, cultural and
operational change to enable Pan Macmillan to position itself for an
increasingly digital future. Sara’s career over the last 15 years has
spanned newspaper, academic, reference, STM and trade publishing and she
has played a key role in transforming many publishing businesses from
print to digital. She is a regular presenter and writer on all matters
digital, and recently made waves in the global publishing scene with
her article ‘A Book Publisher’s Manifesto for the Twenty First Century’, originally
written for the US journal, Library Trends.

4:30pm Tuesday, 02/10/2009
Exploring a book publisher's manifesto for the twenty first century.
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Tim O'Reilly

Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly Media, Inc. Founder and CEO

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Tim O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media. His original business plan was “interesting work for interesting people,” and that’s worked out pretty well. He publishes books, runs conferences, invests in early-stage startups, urges companies to create more value than they capture, and tries to change the world by spreading and amplifying the knowledge of innovators.

Tim is also a partner at O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, a founder and board member of Safari Books Online and Maker Media, and on the boards of Code for America and PeerJ.

9:45am Wednesday, 02/11/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
Nina Paley

Nina Paley, Nina Paley Productions, LLC Artist

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Nina Paley is the director of the acclaimed animated feature film
“Sita Sings the Blues,” which is about to release under a Creative
Commons Share-Alike license. “Sita” has screened internationally at
almost 100 film festivals and won awards including Best Feature at
Annecy and Avignon, Best Script at Athens, Greece, and an IFP Gotham
Award. Wired called her a “One-Woman Pixar” and Roger Ebert said of
her film: “I am enchanted. I am swept away. I am smiling from one end
of the film to the other. It is astonishingly original.” Nina is also
a longtime veteran of syndicated comic strips, creating Fluff
(Universal Press Syndicate), The Hots (King Features), and her own
alternative weekly Nina’s Adventures. Nina teaches at Parsons School
of Design in Manhattan and is a 2006 Guggenheim Fellow. She is
currently Artist-in-Residence at

5:25pm Wednesday, 02/11/2009
Why should techies have all the fun? The few publishers to embrace open content focus primarily on technical books. But an increasing number of artists and pop culture creators are seeking alternatives to copy restricting their works. What works for Cory Doctorow's science fiction can also work for graphic novels, art and coffee table books.
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)

Bob Stein, Institute for the Future of the Book Director

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Robert Stein was the founder of The Voyager Company. For 13 years he led the development of over 300 titles in The Criterion Collection, a series of definitive films on videodisc, and more than 75 CD ROM titles including the CD Companion to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Who Built America, and the Voyager edition of Macbeth. Previous to Voyager, Stein worked with Alan Kay in the Research Group at Atari on a variety of electronic publishing projects. Seven years ago, Stein started Night Kitchen to develop authoring tools for the next generation of electronic publishing. Currently he is a Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics and the Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book, a think & do tank based in London and New York aiming to understand (and hopefully influence) how intellectual discourse is changing as it shifts from printed pages to networked screens.

8:45am Tuesday, 02/10/2009
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Location: Broadway North (6th Floor)
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  • Ingram Industries
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • codeMantra
  • Connotate
  • DPCI
  • Innodata Isogen, Inc.
  • LibreDigital
  • Lulu
  • Malloy
  • Mark Logic
  • Media Services Group
  • Quark, Inc.
  • ReadHowYouWant
  • RSuite
  • Safari Books Online
  • Smashwords, Inc.
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