The Future of Publishing is Writable: Digital Publishing of Openly Writable Book Objects Using Fluidinfo

Terry Jones (Fluidinfo)
General New York East
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Fluidinfo is an online storage platform designed to make it easier to work with information. It supports openly-writable objects that allow for the unanticipated addition of new information, and for search on those additions. Its underlying representation of information and model of control allows users and applications to work with information more flexibly. That includes dynamically organizing, sharing, combining and augmenting information, and searching in ways that have previously not been possible. Fluidinfo also makes it possible for information owners to brand their data with their domain name.

This talk will describe these principles and illustrate them in the context of a writable book API for O’Reilly – offering insight for how all publishers can benefit from the “writable book API.” We have created tagged Fluidinfo objects for O’Reilly products and authors. These will be described and we’ll show how these objects can be augmented with arbitrary data from other sources, and how to search across such data. Like all Fluidinfo objects, the O’Reilly book and author data in Fluidinfo are open to addition. This encourages us to think of publishing as an process, in which the moment of physical publication is neither the first nor the last act in the ongoing evolution of a book.

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Terry Jones


Terry Jones is founder and CEO of Fluidinfo, a London and Barcelona based company aiming to bring about a fundamental change in how people work with information by building a distributed storage architecture for a new representation of information. Before that he was a postdoc in Zoology at the University of Cambridge (2004-07), part-time professor in computer science at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (2005-06), CTO of Eatoni Ergonomics in New York (2000-04), a postdoc in the Cognitive Science Department at UC San Diego (1998-99), CEO of Teclata in Barcelona (1996-98), and a postdoc and graduate fellow at the Santa Fe Institute (1992-96). He earned a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of New Mexico with a dissertation on evolutionary computation, fitness landscapes and search, an M.Math from the University of Waterloo, and a B.Sc. (hons) in computer science from Sydney University.

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